Kitchen / Pantry Organisation

Kitchen/Pantry Organisation

If your kitchen/ pantry is organised – preparing and cooking meals is much easier. 

When it comes to organising, it  needs to be functional first and foremost, but you will want to make it as visually appealing as possible.

Setting up this space is an overwhelming job but this is how we break it down:

  • Measure the space
  • Find out what jars and baskets will fit the space
  • Take everything out a group items into categories
  • Go through each pile, ditch anything that is past the use by date
  • If you have excess amounts of a certain item - donate to a food bank
  • Organise the rest – keep the groups together 

Pantry essentials in airtight jars 

Transfer your pantry essentials such as rice, sugar, flour to see through canisters as it will:

(1) Keep them fresh

(2) Look neat and tidy

(3) You will be able to see when you are running low

If you have small kids maybe think about using good quality food safe plastic jars.  

You will find that you waste much less because you can see what you have, you don’t forget items down the back of cupboards or end up buying again as you don’t know what I have.


Herbs and spices

1) Switch from mix and match store bought jars to matching jars to create a uniform look

2) Customise jars with labels

3) Line jars alphabetically on 3 step bamboo spice rack

Baskets for loose items

Sort loose items into food groups and store in baskets

Small space tips

Tip 1: It doesn’t have to be a pantry, it can be a larder, or a kitchen cupboard.  If you have a small space, make the most of stackable food storage containers.

Tip 2: Why not use a rolling storage cart stocked with oils, spices, or anything you need close by while cooking. The wheels on the base make it easy to pull out for use and stow away again when finished. 


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