Q&A with Zoë from LIFE / EDIT

Q&A with Zoë from LIFE / EDIT

When it comes to home organisation, utilising professional organisers has really taken off.  In recent years, organising has really come to the forefront of our minds.  Our homes have become our work spaces now and we spend the majority of our time there.  Organising and the knowledge that your home is completely organised gives you a sense of peace and calm and that is so nice when we have such busy lives.  Removing clutter physically and mentally helps us focus so it’s a winner for us!

LIFE / EDIT are a team of professional organisers based in Edinburgh. Founded in 2018 and run by Zoë and Victoria, they quickly grew to a team of five to meet the need of people wanting to find harmony in their homes. They offer a personalised, discreet and practical approach to organising your home: put simply they help people fall back in love with their homes. 

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Zoë about how to start organising; how to maintain an organised home and what products help you do so.

Q] What is the best room to declutter and organise first
Great question: I’d say either the room that’s causing you most stress (if you have organisers in who can get to grips with a tricky one) or if you are doing it yourself, start with the one that’s going to give you a quick win. Even tidying and organising your cutlery drawer or underwear drawer can give you a boost and make you feel more able to tackle something larger.

Q] How to maintain areas that you have organised
Little and often works well here. Don’t wait until it’s got out of control again. Take time every day to whizz round and put things back where they belong. Also labelling helps which is why we are big fans of labelling drawers, boxes and jars. It’s so much easier to keep things organised when you have a visual prompt.

Q] Tips when shopping for organisational products
Our first tip is perhaps a surprising one – don’t buy the storage until you have decluttered! Only then will you know what you need. We always say ‘containment is key’ to keeping organised, so using drawer dividers, boxes and lazy susans really helps. If your storage is going to be on show, then make sure it looks good as well as functions

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