Spring finally feels like it is here, and with the warmer weather comes the desire to organise and sort your home.

Here are our top tips to get started:

1) It's a big task, so don't tackle it all at once. Start small by tackling one drawer or one room of your house at a time. Once you've tackled one space and see the results you will be motivated and ready to start the next space.

drawer divider

2) To make things go faster, listen to a podcast or audiobook while you work. You'll find that time goes by much quicker than you thought it would!

3) Put your phone out of reach so you can't get distracted by social media or other apps while working on these tasks. Don't get tempted!

4) Get help from family or friends if possible—it will make it easier, especially if someone else is willing to tackle another space with you!

5) Set time limits for yourself and set a timer for each task. Set realistic goals for yourself—don't try doing everything in one day!

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