Compact Bins with Bamboo Lid

LIMITED EDITION SmartStore Compact White Storage Bins 4-Pack With Bamboo Lids

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Modern, multipurpose storage set looks great displayed.  Four separate bins with fitted bamboo lids.  The Compact series is modular, all 4 boxes stack with lids and work together. The stylish design makes you want to leave these boxes visible. High-quality material that is easy to clean by hand-wash or in the dishwasher.

Perfect for organising you desk, keeping crafts organised or in your pantry.


XS = 14.5x9x6 cm / 0,6 L

S = 20x14x7.5 cm / 1.5 L

M =  29.5x19.5x12cm / 5.3 L

L = 41x28.7x15.5cm / 15.4 L

Material:  Food safe plastic with Bamboo lod  

Care:  Clean by hand-wash or in the dishwasher, do not allow lids to soak in water.