Glass Pump Bottle

Reusable PET bottle with pump

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Our amber PET reusable bottle is core to your sustainable switches at home.  Our bottles will last as long as you take care of them and will help you to eliminate single use plastic waste from your home. 

Finally your hand wash and hand lotion bottles can look pretty.  The bottles are stylish and practical - use in your bathroom, kitchen or utility room.

Made from PET with a white waterproof label.

We recommend that you buy your hand wash in bulk eco friendly pouches and dispense into these bottles.

PET is a sustainable packaging solution with a lower carbon footprint than other plastics and requires less energy to produce than new plastics. It can be recycled into new products and maintains its strength and quality.

Dimensions:  H15.1xW6.5mm (excluding pump) /300ml

H17.5xW7.5mm (excluding pump) /500ml

Material:  PET

Care:  Hand wash gently in soap and water

*Soap not included*